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Brunson Brothers Make History - The Full Story

Brunson v Adams | US Supreme Court

Why is the “secret” Brunson v Adams lawsuit officially scheduled for a US Supreme Court Hearing being met with deafening silence from America’s so-called media elite?

This Civil Lawsuit was proactively hand-selected by the US Supreme Court in October of 2022, was written and filed by a band of brothers (an actual band of trumpet playing brothers) without attorney representation, and seeks the most historic and consequential judicial remedy in American history. Why no coverage?

This video explores the WHY Questions that aren’t being asked - but should be. The links below provide factual “receipts” available for all to see - including America’s biased media.

Supreme Court Docket - Brunson Case

Timeline of Brunson Case

Official Notification & Warning to Congress

US Supreme Court Precedence to Investigate

Could Brunson Brothers Fix 2020 Elections? CD Media | Bill Quinn & Rob Cunningham

Bombshell Allegations FBI Trained & Planted “Confidential Sources” throughout the January 6, 2021 “Insurrection” - And FBI Director Wray has Committed Perjury before Congress on Multiple Occasions

1,000+ page Whistleblower Report on massive FBI & DOJ Corruption at the Highest Levels of Leadership - for decades!

Please share the news of this amazingly profound, hopeful lawsuit with all you can. We the People deserve true justice for all!


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